Grace teaches on the beach of Ocracoke Island, NC.  The “Park Form” is a gentle tai chi set of movements taking about 10 minutes accompanied by a lovely story which helps you remember the sequence of movements. Grace also has a teaching DVD available ($12.00).

Qi gong is the ‘Grandmother/father of tai chi and consists of individual movements instead of a sequence of movements. This can result in easy retention for your home practice. Qi gong is incorporated in all of Grace’s classes and can be the entire focus.

Grace  offers 1:1 or small group sessions, to arrange a time just contact her.

You can also experience a short introduction to tai chi/qi gong by attending Gentle Yoga class by Henry and Grace at Angie’s Gym on Monday’s 4:00-5:30p. No experience needed. (call Grace or Angie’s Gym (252 928 – 2496) to confirm class)

919 418 5472 or floatwithgrace@gmail.com

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